Born out of desire and vision to assist with solving the desperate need of good quality social housing in the UK, Modular Solutions was formed. Modular Solutions has successfully brought together and incorporates in its membership, leading business, property, manufacturing and financial people and companies that deliver the best and most affordable social housing outcomes.

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High Quality

Provision of good quality, affordable, comfortable and well-equipped temporary accommodation raising the standards within the sector and in turn the quality of life of the occupants.

Financial Prudence & Clarity

We ensure financial prudence and budgeting clarity with a rental property provision for a fixed term.

Direct & Cost Effective Control

We provide direct control over availability, delivering a better service in terms of housing provision.

Efficient Energy Management

We believe that the leasee i.e. the local authority should be the recipient of hybrid-solar energy under the scheme during the contracted term.

Flexible Locations

Our high quality units and services are perfect to utilise unused owned / leased land.

Fits with Existing Strategy

Allows time for local authority to devise, implement or continue to develop its longer-term Housing strategy.

Due to continual research and development all products detailed on the Modular Solutions website are subject to revision and change without prior notice.